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Impeccably selected wines from around the world. Our range of wines is available in a range of distinctive and fruit-driven styles, served in a range of glass-free packaging formats to suit your requirements.

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Wine with sustainability in mind

We recognise that many consumers enjoy sharing a full bottle of wine, and remain convinced that this is best delivered at events in a 750ml plastic bottle format. However, we are excited that our innovations in aluminium canned wines provide the perfect solution for events looking to reduce the amount of plastic on site. We have sought extensive advice on not just the environmental impact, but the embodied carbon of wine packaging. We accept that there are pros and cons for each format, so we offer our clients the chance, supported by sourced data, to choose what’s right for their event and our environment.

Our commitment

With many environmental experts now endorsing recycled plastic as a packaging option, our new rPET bottles enable the events industry to continue to offer the full 750ml wine bottle. The additional option of a single 250ml serve in aluminium cans will create new wine sales opportunities and remove the need for the smaller 187ml plastic wine bottle format on site. Event Wine Solutions’ commitment to its products’ quality, diversity and sustainability remains at the heart of its ethos. This next stage of packaging evolution is a natural progression for the company, which was born in October 2010 with a mission to bring quality wine to the events industry.


Delicious wine for your next event!

Event Wine Solutions supplies wine in a range of formats –
virtually unbreakable, 100% recycled rPET bottles and aluminium cans.
The rPET bottles are full-size at 750ml and weigh just 50g when empty – 90% less glass.
The aluminium cans are single-serve at 250ml at weigh just 11g when empty – 98% less than glass.
We’re proud that these initiatives help to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

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rPET bottles

100% recycled material.
Traditional wine drinking format.
Serve consumers quickly with a high spend per transaction.

Aluminium cans

Alternative option for plastic-free sites.
Contemporary, single-serve format.
Lightweight & safe to use at events.

Our wines have been through a rigorous selection process to guarantee your event provides nothing but the best to your consumers. All the wines are sourced from some of the best vineyards around the world and are all provided in glass-free packaging in a range of sizes to keep your event or festival environment as safe as possible.

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