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Impeccably selected wines from around the world. Our range of wines is available in a range of distinctive and fruit-driven styles, served in elegant, unbreakable, light weight and full-recyclable bottles.

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The PET bottles used for our wine ranges are at the cutting edge of PET bottle technology, manufactured from pre-forms into 75cl bottles.

The multi-layer PET and Nylon construction incorporates an ‘Oxygen Scavenger’, that protects against Oxygen ingress for in excess of 12 months, ensuring that the character of the wine inside the bottle ages in a similar way to the more traditional glass and composite cork format.

The recyclability of the bottles ensure that our wine ranges meet demands towards sustainability, lower carbon footprint and safety on site.

We believe that the benefits to the environment of using PET bottles over glass include: lower CO2 emissions in manufacture than regular glass bottles, significantly lower CO2 used in the transport to the bottling plant and onward delivery to destination, lower weight to haul in the recycling process, up to 24% more bottles per load to transport than glass, increasing demand for recycled plastics and the safety of the unbreakable bottle itself.

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Delicious wine in unbreakable bottles all ready for your next event!

Event Wine Solutions supplies wine in a range of bottle size formats, made from virtually unbreakable PET.
The bottles are fully recyclable and a full-size 750ml format weighs just 54g when empty – 85% less than regular glass. We’re proud that these initiatives help to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.


Safe for use at glass-free events.
Reduces weight of waste behind the bar.
Convenient for moving stock around the site.

Multi-layered PET

Virtually indistinguishable from glass.
750ml & 375ml formats for flexible wine drinking.
Serve consumers quicker with higher spend per transaction.

Fully recyclable

100% recyclable PET1.
Up to 85% lighter than glass.
Significant reduction in transport carbon footprint.

Our wines have been through a rigorous selection process to guarantee your event provides nothing but the best to your consumers. All the wines are sourced from some of the best vineyards around the world and are all provided in PET bottles in a range of sizes to keep your event or festival environment as safe as possible.

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