The Yardarm range was developed with a nautical twist, for use at watery events, such as Falmouth Tall Ships and Bedford River Festival. It also featured in Edinburgh during the Festival Fringe. Perfect for Regattas, Boat Shows and Cowes Week. After all, isn’t the only breakable thing in a boat’s galley a glass bottle of wine? And anyway, “When the Sun’s Over The Yardarm”, is more than adequate justification for opening a bottle of our wine in unbreakable bottles.


Sauvignon 12%, France From the sun drenched Languedoc region of southern France, this Sauvignon has hints of elderflower on the nose and a gentle touch of tropical fruit on the palate. It’s just off dry and the acidity balance makes it very drinkable. Great sunshine drinking with friends and a good match to salads, chicken and seafood dishes.


Cinsault Rosé 12%, France With more than a nod to the pale rosé wines of the Cote d’Azure, this uber-elegant Rosé is a charming glass on its own, but just perfect with summer salads. The grape is a classic southern French varietal, Cinsault, that more often turns up in the complex wines of the Rhone Valley. Here, careful winemaking has extracted summer red fruit on the nose and then a delicate ripeness of pears and peaches on the palate. I can’t express how pleased I am with this blend – it’s been a labour of pure love choosing this year’s Blush!


Merlot 13%, France Such ripeness and blackberry fruit flavours! It’s a complex and well crafted blend from the Languedoc, from a producer to whom we have been loyal since the company was formed. Consistently soft, but with a meaty weight that can cope with the best big street food flavours, it’s a lovely sipping wine as the evening wears on, too.


Pinot Grigio 11%, Australia

Elegant and deliciously moreish Pinot Grigio from Australia. It’s charmingly modest in alcoholic terms for an Aussie at just 11%, but no less exciting for that. With juicy hints of pears and nectarines on the taste, but with a nicely soft acidity balance, this wine is just perfect for enjoying with oriental and fragrant dishes, but works well as an aperitif.