The Headliner cans mock up - ALL 3

Aluminium cans – coming soon!

For 2021, we are excited to be developing our ranges in 100% recycled and recyclable rPET and aluminium packaging. All packaging will be carbon neutral, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly wine solutions available to events.

It’s the name at the top of the bill, the act that has stimulated frenetic ticket buying by fans and the one to bring the house down with a climactic performance. The Headliner Wines are right there for you as the excitement builds.  They’re easy to drink, partner perfectly with a plethora of foodie dishes and won’t let you down as the party continues.

Impeccable wine
  • Popular grape varieties
  • Carefully selected for easy-drinking
  • High quality wine means repeat sales
  • Contemporary wine drinking experience
  • Suitable for plastic-free sites/events
Sustainable credentials
  • Lowest lifestyle* carbon compared to glass, PET & rPET
  • Low transport carbon
  • Lightweight
  • High recycling rate, saving 75% production energy
  • Safe to use at events

*the sum total of all carbon emitted from manufacture to end of life

Sauvignon, Bulgaria

Gently fragrant, herbaceous and floral, enjoyed perfectly with all manner of street food.

Rosé, Bulgaria

Flavours of white peach and orchard fruit, perfect with contemporary street food dishes.

Merlot, Bulgaria

Ripe and aromatic black fruit flavours, delicious with any street food menu.