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The Sulis Cuvée Prestige range is sourced in southern France, near the town of Minerve. The Celtic name for the Goddess Minerva, after which the town is named, is Sulis. She was worshipped at Bath and was said to have healing and life-giving powers.

• Elegant, Cuvée Prestige wine at a mid-range price point
• Expertly selected grape varieties for the discerning wine drinker
• Proven increased revenue from enhanced cash margin

Sulis Sauvignon Cuvée Prestige, France

With enticing hints of gooseberry and nettle, this crisp, elegant wine would be delicious with grilled asparagus, fried mackerel or goat’s cheese salad.

Sulis Viognier Cuvée Prestige, France

Possessing floral and gentle apricot aromas, this elegant Viognier has a long finish that’s perfectly balanced between fruit and acidity. The result is a fragrant wine that’s crisp, but with a soft complexity that works well with Oriental cuisine, grilled fish and other fusion dishes.

Sulis Cinsault Rosé Cuvée Prestige, France

Made from the Cinsault grape, grown in the Languedoc region, this pale, elegant Sulis Rosé has a mineral quality that keeps the wine crisp. Utterly moreish and the perfect accompaniment to salads, Mediterranean fish and vegetable dishes, it’s also the perfect partner for simply relaxing in the sunshine.

Sulis Malbec Cuvée Prestige, France

Rich, full and with a gentle spiciness, this Malbec is the perfect partner to grilled steaks, spicy paella, aubergine bakes, rich pasta sauces and hard cheeses. There’s a crunchy texture to the wine, but tannins are soft and ripe, making for a big, but not beastly wine!

Sulis Pinot Noir Cuvée Prestige, France

Ripe and full of red summer fruit flavour, this Pinot Noir has a softness and complexity that helps it slip down all too easily. Grilled cutlets, thyme-crusted chicken, soft cheeses and charcuterie are all perfectly matched with this sophisticated wine.

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