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The crowd, the lights, the build-up. The nervous excitement that makes you convinced you’ve developed a sixth sense. Then, the appearance and… APPLAUSE! Perfect for sharing with friends and anticipating (or deconstructing) the performance. Perhaps with some street food, but always a pleasure.

The perfect partner for the events industry

• A wide range of popular grape varieties
• Expertly selected for quality and taste
• Proven increased revenue from repeat sales

Pinot Grigio Garganaga, Italy 12.5%

With a floral elegance that’s pure and delicate, the Pinot Grigio grape aroma on the nose is enticing. Combine it with the luscious ripeness of perfectly ripened Garganega and the result is a harmonious dry white wine, that has a soft and supple texture. Just terrific for easy sunshine enjoyment, but by way of accompaniments try chargrilled fish, Mediterranean vegetables, Picholine or Lucques Olives or a handful of pistachios.

Garnacha Rosé, Spain 12%

The gentle hints of strawberries on the nose, combined with its oh, so elegant colour make for an enticing glass. It’s gently dry on the finish, so has the ability to cope with a cornucopia of complex and softly spiced and Mediterranean flavours. Such a pleasure on the decking, too!

Merlot, Spain 13%

Fruit driven and with a gentle softness to the finish, this ripe Merlot is a simply delicious glass of easy-drinking red. There’s also plenty going on for a match to 28 day hung Aberdeen Angus burgers, as it has a good length of complexity and gently sweet tannins.

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