Custom labels for Larmer Tree & Cornbury Festivals

Each year, we are happy to produce custom wine labels for two of our most long-standing clients and friends, Larmer Tree Festival and Cornbury Festival. Continued within the bespoke-label wine bottles (all made from eco-friendly PET which look and feel very similar to glass) is Applause wine – Merlot, Cinsault Rosé and Sauvignon, all produced in France. Here … Continue reading Custom labels for Larmer Tree & Cornbury Festivals

Tasting notes

  Pinot Grigio 11%, Australia Elegant and deliciously moreish Pinot Grigio from Australia. It’s charmingly modest in alcoholic terms for an Aussie at just 11%, but no less exciting for that. With juicy hints of pears and nectarines on the taste, but with a nicely soft acidity balance, this wine is just perfect for enjoying … Continue reading Tasting notes