Access All Areas: Case Study & Feature, February 2022

Find out all about Event Wine Solutions’ journey to becoming more sustainable, with a case study feature with the Liz Hobbs Group!

Founded in 2013, Event Wine Solutions quickly became renowned for offering wine in an event-safe, traditional wine-drinking format. Evolving to offer sustainable packaging to festival-goers, their 750ml full-size and 375ml half-size bottles are now made from post-consumer, 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) to champion the use of pre-existing plastic waste. The packaging is 100% recyclable again after use. Relied upon among bar operators across the UK for quick and efficient service even with short notice, clients enjoy shorter queues at the bar and a higher transaction spend when selling wine in full-size bottles and they can now do so knowing that they are stocking the most sustainable solution for their customers to enjoy.

Case Study: Event Wine Solutions + Liz Hobbs Group

Yoga-like flexibility was order of the day for Event Wine Solutions in summer 2021 with just three weeks before Liz Hobbs Group’s (LHG’s ) first show since 2019 was given the green light after almost 18 months of pandemic restrictions. Servicing around a dozen events over the course of a stunted summer period, including a series of Olly Murs and Tom Jones concerts, the two organisations partnered to overcome the challenges of the season with expert efficiency. Advanced sales forecasting and a flexible approach to stock management resulted in product being quickly and easily moved from one event to the next, as well as emergency stock requirements being fulfilled at short notice. 

Having developed the use of 100% recycled rPET bottles (which are then 100% recyclable again after use), LHG was confident this would be well received by consumers, but what it hadn’t been quite so prepared for was the surge in demand for Rosé. There must have been something about the relief that events were back in the calendar that made Rosé wine the choice of the moment! Event Wine Solutions was able to fulfil last 

minute upsurges in requirement, often supplying wine at just a few hours’ notice, to ensure that no-one was left without a chilled glass of carefully-selected wine in-hand at what was, for many, the most anticipated summer in living memory.While many expected nothing more than a survival or recovery year, the pent-up demand for fun activities with friends meant that wine sales far exceeded expectations. On the rare occasion that any wine stock remained unsold, Event Wine Solutions’ commitment to uplift any remaining stock as part of their sale or return policy, ensured that LHG’s warehouses were left empty and ready for next season’s shows.John Myres, account manager at Event Wine Solutions, said: “It’s always a pleasure to work with LHG – to be able to deliver quality wine to festival goers, even so soon after the government gave the go ahead to live events, is what we strive to offer our clients.”

Speaking about their working relationship, Liam Woodford, bars director for LHG Bars said: “The fact that Event Wine Solutions supply us with both half bottles and full bottles was a massive bonus. Our guests often buy a bottle and share it with friends, which cuts the cost for them, as well as further reducing litter and the environmental impact. Event Wine Solutions were able to deliver our orders directly to our venues – once again having a positive impact on the environment in reducing emissions with the wine only having to make one journey, rather than two.”

Liz Doogan-Hobbs, CEO of Liz Hobbs Group which encompasses LHG Bars, said: “Our concerts attract a huge range of different ages and drinking preferences, which we are very proud to be able to cater for. We like to ensure that everyone that attends our events is able to enjoy their preferred drink as they experience their favourite music in the great outdoors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Event Wine Solutions for all their help in the Summer of 2021, for ensuring we had the best possible selection of safe, tasty and environmentally friendly wine”.

Q&A with Paul Scaife

Meet the face behind the business – questions answered by Paul Scaife, founder, Event Wine Solutions. 

How did you get into Events? The business had a mission to get decent wine into a festival field, in a full bottle format that made the experience as close as possible to how you’d enjoy one at home. 

What are your hobbies? Wine and food pairing – you won’t find a wine merchant that isn’t passionate about gastronomy!

What was your first ever job? Pushing broom and loading vans in a wine warehouse, studying for my wine exams in the evenings.

What is your favourite tipple? Red Burgundy. It’s elusive, inconsistent and infuriating, but when you track a good one down, it’s never available again when you try to buy more!

Who is your biggest influence/idol? My grandfather. A successful entrepreneur after the war in Bristol – I still sit his old office chair when I need inspiration, or to solve a problem.

At home you will mostly be watching/listening to? Downloads of Gilles Peterson’s Radio 6 Music’s Saturday afternoon show.

What are your the desert island discs? Genesis, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway; Santana, Caravanserai; Banco de Gaia, Last Train to Lhasa.