Event Wine Solutions moves to 100% recycled rPET bottles

Responding to consumer and client demands for the most sustainable wine packaging at events, Event Wine Solutions has now launched its wine bottles made from 100% recycled post-consumer material. 100% recyclable again after use, this move makes use of existing plastic waste for a carbon footprint-friendly solution.

Event Wine Solutions founder, Paul Scaife, explains…

“In order to understand the impact of our wine packaging, we commissioned sustainability experts Loop Innovations and Clean Earth Collective to analyse the carbon footprint of our different wine vessel options. The PET bottle used to date was based on the commercial principle of prioritising shelf life and recyclability in an event-friendly, non-glass format. Its multi-layer PET composition achieved a long shelf-life of around 14 months, however the results of our carbon footprint and recyclability analysis revealed that we should move to both recycled material and a mono-layer format for our bottles.

“These decisions will result in existing plastic waste being put to good use, with the added benefit of being re-used again more easily as a result of a less complex PET bottle format. Our advisors encouraged us to seek out the most simple form of PET without colours or layers to ensure that it re-enters the waste stream as pure as possible.

“We’ve been highly motivated by the results of our investigations. Although the use of a mono-layer bottle could potentially come at the cost of its shelf life, strong relationships with our loyal client base means that through efficient stock rotation and logistics management, there will be no fear of our wine tasting anything less than perfect. Our 100% recycled rPET bottles are produced by a supplier to the most prominent drinks brands in the world, all striving to achieve maximum sustainability in their packaging.”

“We are also currently working to offset all carbon emissions of the packaging with the aim of our bottles becoming carbon neutral next year, and carbon negative during 2023.”

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View the Carbon Comparison document here >>