AIF to Partner with Event Wine Solutions at Congress

Event Wine Solutions will once again partner with the Association of Independent Festival’s Annual Congress, supplying wine for the Evening Celebration & Awards at DEPOT, Cardiff, 2nd November 16.

This will be the third time Event Wine Solutions has supported the Congress and the company will be choosing a selection of wines from its extensive range that will be ideal for the evening. The team will also be making wine pairing suggestions with the different varieties of street food available at the event and encouraging delegate feedback on the taste experiences.

Wine sales across the festival sector have been very strong this summer and Event Wine Solutions will be sharing data illustrating the rise in demand from consumers for premium quality wine. The company will share the trend information through an exhibition stand at the congress and in a ‘message in a bottle’ insert into delegate bags.

“It’s been a very strong year for wine and we’re keen to show the festival industry not just why wine has continued to grow its demand in this sector, but also to explain the opportunities for festival organisers to make the most from this trend,” commented Paul Scaife, Founder and Managing Director of Event Wine Solutions. “We’ll make sure there is plenty of wine available on the night, presented in a way that festival organisers can replicate at their events.”

“We welcome back Event Wine Solutions to Festival Congress once again and thank them for their support of the event and the industry in general,” commented Paul Reed, General Manager, AIF. “We’re looking to create a festival feel to the evening celebration and awards at DEPOT and the wine and food matching will certainly contribute to what should be a great evening.”

A portion of the success of wine sales at festivals has been through initiatives that allow festival goers to pair wines with the food options at the events. This trend will be replicated at DEPOT, where guests will have the chance to enjoy festival food and wine at its very best.