Event Wine Solutions + BST: Hyde Park

Event Wine Solutions once again partnered with Peppermint Events as the preferred wine list supplier for both VIP and general entry consumers at British Summer Time (BST). The event, sponsored by Barclays, took place in Hyde Park London 1st – 10th July and features major acts including Stevie Wonder, Florence & The Machine and Take That.

The city crowd once again underlined the increasing thirst for premium wine at festivals. Peppermint chose to stock a wider range of wines, including the Applause, Sulis Cuvée Prestige and Comte de Bernadotte selections at the bars throughout the festival. The VIP areas saw brands like Hix deliver premium hospitality and first class food that offered the ultimate complement to the wine on offer.

Event Wine Solutions supported the bar activities with sales of over 30,000 bottles during the course of the festival, a valuable contribution to the event, and one that again proved that increased option and choice on wine adds incremental bar sales.

The wine was a constant fixture of the event; the quality Cinsault Rosé worked as the sun came out, and the deep and delicious reds of the Sullis Cuvée Prestige range worked equally hard as the sun set and couples snuggled up together.

The high volume of families and groups also complemented the delivery of first class quality wine served in PET plastic bottles. The format allowed less visits to the bar and easy drinking with peers. For the many corporate groups at the VIP areas the wine served as a complement to the champagne being liberally consumed!

Peppermint Events offers a more contemporary, designed bar experience that added to the quality of the event for the thousands that attended BST. Event Wine Solutions worked hand in hand to support the vision of Peppermint and together they created a food and beverage range that gave everyone the choice and quality that is now demanded of festival organisers.