Event Wine Solutions + Love Supreme

The gentle vibe of Love Supreme; chilled acts, super-funky music, ranging from acidic dance to swinging jazz, was the perfect place for Event Wine Solutions’ premium wine range served in easy to use and share PET bottles.

This is a crowd that wanted to relax, grab fresh healthy, locally sourced food, and enjoy it with premium quality wine, as a group. Attendees shared the wine as families, friends or colleagues, whilst taking in the music and the atmosphere. The event started out with on off rain, but then opened up to glorious sunshine that picked out the colours of the deep red and the refreshing white and rosé wine on offer.

A fresh and charismatic Viognier was enjoyed alongside a spicy Goan curry, white wine sparkled in the sunshine, and the crowd wrapped up warm with a deep and flavoursome red Fleurié. This was modern day, premium festival dining at its very best.

The crowd at Love Supreme are the festival attendees of 2016; they eat great food, they like charismatic beers, and they value choice at the bar. The team at Peppermint Events delivered this in abundance. They looked beyond simply the ‘standard’ offering of red, white or rosé wine; and tempted the visitors with options that included Malbec, Macon Villages, Viognier and Pinot Noir.

With choice comes commitment and as guests indulged themselves in the entertainment on stage, they shared the bottle, relaxed, tried new flavours as the mood and the weather brightened.

The Event Wine Solutions team understands how to curate the wine according to the wishes of specific audience demographics. But, regardless of the crowd, people want choice, and they want quality. This is a great time for event wine.