Client story: Nozstock

Nozstock, Herefordshire’s favourite boutique festival, started supplying wine through Event Wine Solutions in 2014 and haven’t look back. The elegant PET (plastic) bottles which package the wine proved extremely popular with the music fans who attended the festival, but a dislike of glass is more firmly rooted in the fact that, like many outdoor events, the fields form part of a working farm when not being used as a festival site.

Ella from Nozstock explains why they continue to work with Event Wine Solutions…


“Our punters are able to buy a bottle of wine to share with friends and as an easy alternative to decanting into a flask. We will definitely be asking them back to provide their plastic wine bottles to our future festivals as a convenient and safe alternative to having glass on site.

“We have banned glass at Nozstock ever since one of our bulls was injured by broken glass left in the campsite. This was very traumatic for him, his foot swelled up which led to numerous visits from the vet. The incident ended up costing thousands of pounds not just in treatment but in fewer calves being born that year as a result. Event Wine Solutions have allowed us to continue selling wine by the bottle despite the ban on glass. It tastes delicious too!”

Don’t miss Nozstock: The Hidden Valley, 24th –   26th July 2015! Tickets on sale now via their website.

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